Spicy Bambu clothing

Spicy Bambu Batik clothing and Bali treasures providing high quality plus size women's wear in fabulous custom made batik fabrics while empowering women and communities on both sides of the globe

Our high quality rayon fabric is batiked in Bali , Indonesia. Batiking is a time-honored craft traditional to the land and is done by stamping patterns and prints with wax and overlaying the fabric with dyes.  After the fabric is made especially for Spicy Bambu, it is hand cut and sewn by a Balinese family according to specific patterns which we designed especially for our brand and our customers.  Upon completion, the orders are shipped and delivered to our place of business in Portland , OR.

Hoffman Bali Batiks are truly "magic fabrics," designed and made specifically for quilters and home sewists around the world. Each yard is made by hand at the Hoffman Bali Factory on the island paradise of Bali.

This video shows how the batiked fabric is made in and around Bali, Indonesia. Our fabric is not necessarily Hoffman Bali Batiks, however the same process is done in the production of our fabrics.