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120 Southwest Ankeny Street
Portland, OR, 97204
United States


Beautiful batiked rayon dresses made by hand in Bali, Plus size, vibrant fabrics. Deysa and Spicy Bambu are our retail locations in Portland , OR. Discover the ethnic side of you, plus size, dresses, tops, pants, kimonos,


Our Story

I am in the upper left with my husband Wayan. Below are our daughters Sinta, Satianna and Sarina.

I am in the upper left with my husband Wayan. Below are our daughters Sinta, Satianna and Sarina.

" When I followed my heart, I woke up in Bali"  After taking over a small import business which retailed in a canopy booth at the Skidmore Market in Portland, I found that the reason for this spontaneous business adventure was so I could end up in Bali.  Bali is a small mystical island in the heart of Indonesia in which batiking of fabric is a time-honored craft.  The beauty of the island is complete with the amazing Hindu culture and ceremony and some of the friendliest people on earth.
Needless to say, I wanted to learn more about the people, and adopt their simple ways. I also was committed to working in close connection with my tailors and get to know their family the best I could.   Designing the woman's clothing was easy with the support and knowledge of the amazing people I work with. It became clear to me, I would create beautiful clothing for woman to inspire daily life , and connect the beauties of the Balinese culture .  I met my husband there and he showed me how happiness begins with family.
Upon coming to Portland, we married in 2005 and currently have 3 beautiful girls. Our business continues to thrive, and our extended family in Bali are in the forefront of our minds.    We continue to offer high quality batik clothing as well as handicrafts and accessories.   We hope you can visit and meet myself or my husband in our Bali Market Store in Multnomah Village ( DEYSA) or by the Portland Saturday Market in the New Market Theater Building.