Spicy Bambu clothing

Spicy Bambu Batik clothing and Bali treasures providing high quality plus size women's wear in fabulous custom made batik fabrics while empowering women and communities on both sides of the globe

Welcome to our community

Lisa Johnson

   I would like to welcome you to our community and hope you enjoy the stories and will follow along on our journey to connect our family culture to our everyday lives . We are Lisa, Wayan, Sinta (10), Sarina (9) Satianna (7). Currently we live in Portland, Oregon and are owners of Spicy Bambu,inc. a small business offering batiked clothing , handicrafts, jewelry and more all imported from Bali, Indonesia. Our humble shop comes alive on weekends where it is located by the Skidmore and Saturday Market.

  I became the owner  in 1996 where I took over an existing business and thought that importing would be as easy as faxing an order to Bali, and they would ship the order to me.  Boy was I wrong. We almost went bankrupt the first year!  Over the 20 years of designing and retailing women’s clothing, I have learned a lot , and measured my success in different ways.  My passion now is to bring in fabulous wear made from amazing batiked fabrics and offer a market for all women. 

    We have a story, a mission and a lot to share about our unique products and the connection with the amazing Balinese people.