IMG_1712  Spicy Bambu is a family run import business out of Bali. Our mission is to connect the ethnic beauty in us all to the mystical culture of Bali. Our unique batik clothing is traditional to the land it comes from and our handicrafts are symbols of the organic simplicities of everyday life.

   We specialize in providing the modern woman dresses, tops, skirts and casual wear which is practical, beautiful and made in the  rayon batik fabric . Our fabrics are stunning and the quality is exceptional . We work hand-in-hand with the sewers in Bali and our styles are made solely for Spicy Bambu. Taking pride in supporting an extended family in Bali, we guarantee our product is made and paid for in an respectful manner.  As a direct manufacturer and retailer of batik clothing and handicrafts, our prices on this end are un-matchable! 

Lisa Johnson Owner